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Welcome to Hong Xinghua Hardware Co., Ltd.

National service hotline:0755-28112205
Shenzhen Hong Xinghua Hardware Co., Ltd
Phone:135 0962 3522
Contacts:Mr. Liu
Address:68 Meibao Rd, Dalang St, Longhua Dist, Shenzhen, China

Hong Xinghua Hardware Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, There are more than 450 employees, and our company's subsidiaries are: Shenzhen city Hong Xinghua Hardware Products Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hong Feng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hongxing Hardware Factory, Shenzhen Hongxing and electroplating factory.

1, zinc alloy die casting production line: Hong Xinghua Hardware Products Co. Ltd. distribution has more than 150 employees, the main products are zinc alloy products, after the appearance of R &amp; D, more than 50 patents, mould making, zinc alloy die-casting, and number of fronts, drilling and tapping (post processing), polishing process. After the unremitting efforts of Hong Xing family, "Hongxing Hardware" brand renowned at home and abroad, furniture, kitchenware, bathroom and other fields.

2, the control circuit board production line / fingerprint lock assembly finished production line: Xinghong Hong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. the distribution of 100 employees, the main products for the production line control panel and lock assembly (including software development, patch, after welding, automatic detection etc.). Among them, the circuit board mainly to Zhongshan Vatti group supply. The high-end fingerprint lock is the most powerful OEM and ODM factory in china.

3, CNC aluminum extrusion production line (extruded aluminum products, stainless steel, iron products processing): Hongxing Hardware Factory Distribution of more than 100 employees, the main products for fingerprint lock shell CNC processing, aluminum handle, towel rack, bathroom accessories; profiled sheet metal stamping, bending, welding, wire drawing. Polishing, and other complex processes.

4, water electroplating production line: Hongxing and electroplating factory in Shenzhen city is located in Shenzhen city Longgang District Pingshan and electroplating industrial park twenty-one, is our production hardware water electroplating production line, the existing staff of more than 100 people.

The company produced the strength of the production facilities, more than 2000 varieties of existing products, customers in more than 20 countries around the world, the main markets in Europe, Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain, Russia, Japan, India; asia. Our company is the most R &amp; D strength and supporting the production of complete factory, engaged in zinc alloy products, aluminum products, stainless steel and iron products manufacturing for eighteen years, especially the fingerprint lock zinc alloy shell, from the beginning of 2008, has produced the fingerprint lock finished 100 sets, accumulated a wealth of production experience. Products are sold throughout the country. Company to "quality first, customer first" as the principle, enthusiastic service to customers, has been the cooperation of the company's praise.