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Safety management of spraying -- electrostatic spray gun

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1 、 high voltage electrostatic generator grounding wire:
The grounding line of the high-voltage electrostatic generator is the basic of safety operation. The ground wire of the electrostatic spray gun is also taken from the high-voltage electrostatic generator, so it should be confirmed that the ground is grounded;

2, the ground is maintained by the coating:
The object to be coated by conveyor grounded, but as part of the spreader contact when the conductive coating layer, the coated charged, prone to spark, become the cause of the fire; so regularly clean paint sling attachment;

3, all the metal objects in the coating room are grounded:
Indoor coating because of the high voltage ionizing air spraying machine around the metal objects charged ungrounded after dangerous spark; therefore it connects in painting indoor spraying machine to install a security fence or other metal material. In addition, do not use paint cans, tools and other metal objects, please do not put in the paint room;
Attention: grounding is the most important aspect of electrostatic safety. All conductive items need to be grounded.

4, the operation should be empty handed electrostatic spray gun:
The grip part of the electrostatic spray gun is connected to the ground through the control box. Even so, as with gloves, the human body will be electrified, such as contact with other ground objects will be subject to electric shock; so with gloves, the palm part of the work to open a hole;

5, to wear leather shoes or anti-static shoes when working:
The ionized air around the coating chamber, such as bottom wear rubber or synthetic resin shoe, the body will live, contact with the ground when the security object received an electric shock; in the electrostatic spraying operation to make static electricity can not be stranded, must wear electrostatic shoes and often should pay attention not to make the paint block attached to the electrostatic shoes;

6, cleaning the nozzle, the control box must switch off the power supply, and the front end of the grounding wire and then; wash the nozzle, such as the occurrence of high voltage static electricity, will become the cause of fire. You must turn off the power switch when the job is interrupted or the job is finished;

7, the use of metal brushes is prohibited when cleaning nozzles:
The life of an electrostatic spray gun, such as using a metal brush, will damage the nozzle and will not give a uniform spray state, so use a random brush;

8, electrostatic spray gun body, high voltage cable and hose category, please don't soak in the solvent; electrostatic spraying machine is electrical machinery, soaking in the solvent will be the cause of failure;

9, high voltage wires and pipes on the ground do not drag, hanging on the ceiling or wall as far as possible (using electrostatic spray paint to use rubber hose and hose hanging insulator); high voltage cables and pipes such as dragging on the ground, easy to damage;

10, the paint room should be equipped with exhaust devices (ventilation ducts, exhaust fans);

11, air filters, air compressors and other condensed water should be fully discharged:
When there is moisture in the air, it will cause bad spraying, buzzer buzzing and safety circuit action, so the water should be filtered and discharged;

12, the nozzle front end of the coating, workpiece distance must be maintained above 150mm:
In the structure of nozzle, electrostatic spraying machine in the near ground, the nozzle will automatically reduce the potential, but will use insulating paint pump (paint coatings, metal coatings, wood water solvent coatings such as electric resistance value), potential can not reduce the pump, the inherent big flower may fire;

13, such as the use of insulation to Taiwan and the surrounding objects are more than 300mm, to touch, to the power supply control box and cut off the ground before they can touch; electrical resistance value is low in an electrical wire coating, coating contact container is in danger of electric shock; path oriented places must be set the safety gate grounding, avoid operator error contact;

14, in case of fire, standing fire extinguishers.
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