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The fourteenth China Hardware Fair opens in Yongkang

Article source:Shenzhen Hong Xinghua Hardware Co., Ltd Popularity:945 Publication time:2017-08-03 17:18:58 smallmiddlebig
China Enterprise News Network - China Business News (reporter Sun Zhenzhou) September 27th Hangzhou reported yesterday, the fourteenth China Hardware Fair opened in Yongkang. Under the influence of the financial crisis, the Expo exhibitors, enterprises are not reduced, increasing, there are thousands of domestic and foreign hardware production enterprises, more than 80 thousand professional buyers gathered in Yongkang, the products are also exhibited more than 10 kinds.

Yongkang has successively held the 13 China Hardware Fair, through 13 years of nurturing and development, Yongkang has become truly the country's largest hardware production base and professional market. In the context of the global economic downturn, Yongkang actively create "headquarters economy", to consolidate the status of hardware industry in the core area of innovation and quality as the key, to lead the expansion of hardware industry, to create China hardware city. With the government's strong push, the dynamic Yongkang has created the "most stable economic sector" under the financial crisis". In the first half of this year the fair turnover dropped by 16.9%, Yongkang Chinese Hardware Expo contrarian rebound this year added 200 booths, a total of 2600, from last year's area of 46 thousand square metres to 50 thousand square metres.

It is reported that Korea, Japan and other organizations have organized buyers purchasing delegation. In addition, in addition to the field of online transactions, also held during the same period China Hardware Expo, promote the exhibitors and traders from around the world to exchange new technology here, new trading products, sharing the latest market information, has become an important window for many enterprises to open the domestic and international market export.

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