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Science and technology innovation platform provides high-tech gathering place for hardware industry

Article source:Shenzhen Hong Xinghua Hardware Co., Ltd Popularity:912 Publication time:2017-08-03 17:20:04 smallmiddlebig
Recently, Zhejiang science and technology innovation service platform through acceptance. The platform construction project is for Zhejiang hardware industry, the integration of universities, testing agencies, industry leading enterprises of equipment and talents of science and technology resources service platform, its purpose is to create a Zhejiang hardware manufacturing application and innovation of public welfare, and strategic alliance to public science and technology industry innovation demand and the development of science and technology cluster place.

In the past, the main body of innovation was enterprises, while the resources of innovation were often concentrated in Institutions of higher learning and research institutes. These institutions, due to each other's emphasis, if the enterprise encountered a comprehensive problem, often there will be no one can provide a complete solution. Since the platform has realized the effective optimization and integration of all kinds of scientific and technological resources, enterprises have just entered the comprehensive hospital as long as they seize the "platform". As for what kind of division, which doctor is more appropriate, which prescription more symptomatic, "platform" can answer for you.

Scientific and technological innovation service platform is an important carrier and concrete starting point for the hardware industry to promote scientific and technological progress and independent innovation. It is a basic project of regional innovation system construction. Since its inception in 2006, according to the basic idea of "platform integration, sharing, innovation, service", new investment 162 million yuan, 70 million yuan of equipment resource integration has been completed, including pilot incubators hardware product testing center, network information, technical advice, training 3 service system, 4 university laboratory, Zhejiang Provincial Industry Innovation Platform on the 13 leading enterprises in the.
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